Alexa "Flowering Cactus" Rug

Geraldine de San Bruno

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Cactos en flor (Flowering cactus) is woven from pure wool yarns and the fine natural fibers create a luxurious, soft texture to sink your feet into.

Designed in collaboration with graphic designer Geraldine de San Bruno, the rug features an illustration of the Opuntia ficus-indica, or Barbary fig, a native cactus found in northern Argentina and parts of Bolivia and Paraguay. The rug is part of our Paisaje Nativo (Native Landscapes) collection.

As a graphic designer, Geraldine de San Bruno divides her time between drawing, photography, and set design. She is a nature lover and illustrator who, armed with her tools of pencil and paper, says, “Drawing is a pleasure, one can invent reality on a whim.”

  • Delivery time: 60 days (upon order)
  • Type of rug: Alexa, digital hand-tufted
  • Yarn: 100% pure wool
  • Design: Geraldine de San Bruno
  • Collection: Paisaje Nativo