Alexa "Monstera Deliciosa" Rug

Geraldine de San Bruno

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Woven from pure wool yarns, the fine natural fibers of the Monstera Deliciosa rug create an inviting texture and luxurious, soft feel under the foot.

Designed in collaboration with graphic designer Geraldine de San Bruno, these rugs are inspired by the Monstera deliciosa plant, also known as the Swiss cheese plant or Adam’s Rib, which can be found in tropical forests from central and southern Mexico to the north of Argentina. The rug is part of our Paisaje Nativo (Native Landscapes) collection.

As a graphic designer, Geraldine de San Bruno divides her time between drawing, photography, and set design. She is a nature lover and illustrator who, armed with her tools of pencil and paper, says, “Drawing is a pleasure, one can invent reality on a whim.”

  • Delivery time: 60 days (upon order)
  • Type of rug: Alexa, digital hand-tufted
  • Yarn: 100% pure wool
  • Design: Geraldine de San Bruno
  • Collection: Paisaje Nativo