“Ensemble” Rug

“Ensemble” Rug

Al Borde Llama

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The “Ensemble” rug was developed by El Espartano together with Al Borde Llama. It is woven with 100% pure virgin wool using the most sophisticate digital hand-tufting system which allows for the creation of highly-accurate and complex designs and results in a soft and fluffy texture with a superior manufacturing quality.    

Al Borde Llama is a textile graphic project created by designer Silvana Nicanora Mosquera. Since 2009 she has been developing textile pieces with different weaving and printing techniques. She vindicates the values of craftsmanship and gets inspiration from the chaos and the fate of nature, focusing her vision on the traditions and the technique of the Latin American highlands.

  • Delivery time: 45 days (upon request)
  • Rug type: hand-tufted Alexa
  • Yarn: 100% pure virgin wool
  • Designer: Al Borde Llama