"Nómade" Floor Cushion

Priscila Estrada

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“Everything is handmade, there are no shortcuts,” says Priscila Estrada, creator of Nómade, a floor cushion designed in collaboration with El Espartano. It is completely handwoven on a 4-frame standing loom using 100% natural wool. It incorporates warp threads that are hand-dyed with ink applied to the yarns using freeform brushstrokes.

Each 1m2 floor cushion incorporates 480 wool threads. Once inked, the yarns are stretched over the width of the loom and threaded one by one through the different frames. The process is repeated with the comb to move the threads into place. The 2.8 m of fabric needed to make the cushion is woven with the help of a shuttle. 

  • Delivery time: 30 days
  • Material: 100% pure Argentine wool
  • Design: Priscila Estrada
  • Photo: Color: Ivory, Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm