Alexa "Broadway" Rug

Jorge Elmor

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Broadway is part of the Urban Fabric collection of pure virgin wool rugs we have developed alongside the Brazilian architect Jorge Elmor. Working from aerial photos of iconic cities, the collection is like a geographic and temporal snapshot that crystallizes our era.

The grid was defined through a detailed process in which these urban maps were framed and the textures, reliefs, colors and patterns were studied in depth. Other designs from the collection include: Barcelona, New York and Sydney.

In each project, Brazilian architect and designer Jorge Elmor brings together a dialogue that balances the best styles and techniques he has learned from around the globe. His professional experience includes international projects and a career in countries such as Japan, Spain, Austria and the United States. From his studio in Curitiba, Elmor seeks to integrate global architecture with new trends, without casting aside regionalist aspects and the rational use of materials and technology in his concepts.

  • Delivery time: 45 days (upon order)
  • Rug type: Alexa
  • Project: Urban Fabric
  • Author: Jorge Elmor