Alexa "Scarf" Rug


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Scarf is the first item produced by DuoLab, a collaboration between El Espartano and graphic design studio Duoido. Working together on an interdisciplinary project, the graphic design and textile teams produced a large scarf pattern that is woven into a rug. The piece is an example of the high aesthetic criteria of the studio.

With a mix of bouclé and cut pile textures, the 100% wool rug plays with the idea of a “texture within a texture”. The scarf in the design was created using a mélange weave, and it recalls the cozy feeling of a hand-knitted scarf made from a wide variety of colors.

Duoido is a multidisciplinary communications and design studio that takes a global, analytical and creative approach to branding. Their work includes campaigns for well-known Argentine brands such as Naum, Ginebra, The Ann Wagners and Prüne.

  • Delivery time: 60 days (upon order)
  • Type of rug: Alexa
  • Yarn: 100% pure wool
  • Design: Duoido