Alexa "Comba"

Ordoñez Wenzke y Tender

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Woven from pure virgin wool fibers, Comba delights with its unique morphology. Designed with Ordoñez Wenzke OW and This is Tender, this entirely unique rug explores different views and interpretations of curved lines and gestures. Two architects and two designers explore the use of the line, deciphering new geometries and new meetings of color and contrasts between the intersecting paths.

Ordoñez Wenzke OW is an international architecture and interior design studio based in Buenos Aires. Founded by architects Florencia Ordóñez of Argentina and Nik Wenzke of Germany, OW takes an interdisciplinary approach to projects. As part of its ongoing quest for pure morphologies and innovative spaces, the studio brings together the personal experiences of each architect to ensure they arrive at an intelligent solution to even the most demanding projects.

Directed by Tomas Ruíz and Santiago Goria, Tender is a communication design studio based in Buenos Aires that focuses on the development of editorial projects and branding for different institutions and professionals in the artistic, cultural and educational fields. Since 2014, they have thought of design as a tool for dialogue and analysis that allows them to explore communication through different media and surfaces.

  • Delivery time: 45 days (upon order)
  • Type of rug: Alexa
  • Yarn: 100% pure wool
  • Collection: Comba
  • Design: Ordoñez Wenzke y Tender