"Ulrika" Rug

Roxana Punta Álvarez & José Luis Zacarías Otiñano

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Punta Álvarez, an architect, works in interior design and decoration. She studied set design at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. In 1992, she was selected by Yves Saint Laurent fashion house as one of the ten outstanding women designers of the year. She has won lifetime achievement awards at Casa FOA, a Buenos Aires interior design event. Textile designer José Oti̱ano is a consultant to businesses on product development and positioning. He was awarded the best urban art installation prize at the first edition of Casa FOA (2011) and first mention in landscape design at the 2013 edition. Together, they created Ulrika, a rug crafted to the last detail that expresses the unique vision of each.

"We draw inspiration from the primitive tribal patterns of Amazon Indians' tattoos. Those patterns, removed from their context and in relation to texture and color, take on a Scandinavian quality," explain Roxana Punta Álvarez and José Luis Zacarías Otiñano.

  • Delivery time: 45 days (upon order)
  • Rug type: Alexa, hand-tufted
  • Project: Weaving Ways
  • Authors: Roxana Punta Álvarez and Jos̩é Luis Zacarías Otiñano

* Real dimensions can vary by up to two inches.