Alexa "Diamond"

Zolkwer & Mosquera

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Spaces is the result of our first collaboration with the creative pairing of architect Max Zolkwer and photographer Loli Mosquera. Produced entirely from 100% natural wool with a cut pile finish, it is the latest addition to our line of Alexa rugs.

For the design of the rug, the creators played with light and shadows and the volumes, shapes and depths they create. In their hands, the rug is no longer simply a surface, it becomes a space to be inhabited. “We started with the idea of a house, that basic idea of four walls, a floor and a roof. We the distorted the perspectives, going to extremes to transform the sense of space one has from different points of view”, they say.

Loli, an artists and photographer, and Max, an architect and drawer, love to work with spaces. Together, they have combined their ways of seeing the world to create this design project that is perfect for residential spaces.
  • Delivery time: 45 days
  • Rug type: Alexa
  • Collection: Spaces
  • Yarn: 100% pure wool
  • Design: Zolkwer & Mosquera