"Egea" Rug

El Espartano

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Egea rugs stand out for the practicality and distinction that define the line. The weave alternates between a bouclé and a cut pile texture, giving these rugs a unique structure that easily adapts to even the most demanding of interiors.

Each version of the rug comes in a combination of two color tones that create a subtle striped design. The color palette of greys, browns and blues provides durability and the 100% nylon yarns conserve their original appearance for much longer.

Egea is a high-quality and resistant line of rugs that has been designed especially for high circulation areas such as living areas, hallways, desk areas and offices.

The rugs are made with antistatic and flame retardant materials to provide a safer environment.

  • Delivery time: 45 days
  • Product type: Egea
  • Texture: cut pile & bouclé
  • Yarn: 100% nylon
  • Plush height: 7 mm