"Earth" Rug

Julio Oropel

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An avid traveler, art lover, and physics buff, architect Julio Oropel is the president of the Decoradores Argentinos Asociados (DArA). His many distinctions include awards won at the Pure Design Fair and the 2012 edition of Casa FOA, an annual interior design event in Buenos Aires. In "Earth," Julio indulges in experimentation on the basis of the idea that oscillation is part and parcel of the planet itself.

"My rug draws inspiration from nature, especially the planet earth. The palette consists mainly of earth and sand tones; the waves and subtle variations in tone make clear reference to the planet." — Julio Oropel.

  • Delivery time: 45 days (made to order)
  • Rug type: Alexa, hand-tufted
  • Project: Weaving Ways
  • Designer: Julio Oropel

* Real dimensions can vary by up to two inches.