"Prism" Rug


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Set designer Coty Larguia works as an advertising art director. Eugenia Troncoso holds an MBA and works at a family-run clothing company. Together, they created PICNIC, a brand of decorative objects with a particular focus on textile designs in original palettes and patterns. In their designs, ancient Japanese art, Scandinavian design, Korean film, nature, and geometric patterns come together as a constant source of inspiration.

'We wanted to develop design that represented us while also expressing a new vision. Our patterns have to be looked at vertically, and that means changing your point of view. We decided to explore three dimensionality and, undoubtedly due to our geometric style, what we came up with was this 'prisma'. It partakes of our approach to hexagons and the color palette characteristic of Picnic, that is, demure shades of aqua, maize, beige, and mink gray', Coty Larguia and Eugenia Troncoso (Picnic).

  • Delivery time: 45 days (upon order)
  • Rug type: Alexa, hand-tufted
  • Weave: 100% pure virgin wool
  • Project: Weaving Ways
  • Authors: Coty Larguia and Eugenia Troncoso

* Real dimensions can vary by up to two inches.