"Companionship" Rug

Carlos Galli

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Carlos Galli was one of the many designers who lived through the turbulent decade of the seventies in Argentina. Once he had earned his degree, he decided to travel. Brazil was the country that most captivated him; he was taken in by its respect for local culture and use of its own resources—both of which make themselves felt in his work. He specializes in interior design and mid-scale architecture projects, mostly renovating homes. In addition to his work at his own firm, Galli founded La Compañía, a widely respected furniture company.
"Inspired by the name of my business (La Compañía, which means companionship as well as company in Spanish), I decided to make companion rugs, two versions with Carlos Gallithe same design, different only in color. Seeking to also include some of elements and materials usually employed for my furniture, I chose to use thin metal rods which are interweaved with the geometric pattern, resulting in a design i consider to faithfully reflect the brand's spirit," Carlos Galli.

Shipping time: 35 days (made to order)
Dimensions: 3' x 6.5' *
Rug type: Alexa, hand-tufted
Project: Weaving Ways

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* Real dimensions can vary by up to two inches.